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Lotus Blood is the first book in the paranormal romance/fantasy series.


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Nam wants her Mum back. Simple. Okay, so her Mum’s dead, which is a problem, but Nam died as well when the earthquake and tsunami smashed their hotel in Thailand.
Nam didn’t just see her Mum after they died; they fought together in the Bardo, the place every soul goes before moving onto their next life. Together they’d driven back the spirits of evil sent to ensnare them by the Mara, the Buddhist Devil, who also just happens to be Nam’s ancient Ancestor.

Her Mum makes a pact with the devil, enslaving herself to him, but keeping Nam safe and spinning back into her life in tsunami smashed Thailand.

Along with the attractive and mysterious Simon, she has to find a path back to the Bardo and battle illusions and demons to rescue her Mum from the Devil’s clutches.

If she fails, she not only loses her Mother, but her own soul as the devil’s plaything for all eternity.

Lotus Blood is a paranormal romance/fantasy adventure of 92,000 words/approximately 365 pages and is Book 1 in the Lotus Series.