Lotus Power

Lotus Power, the 2nd book in the Lotus Series2nd LotusBlood

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Nam is trapped at boarding school in Bangkok. with a headmistress who hates her. Her powers are growing, but so are the attacks from the Devil who’s determined to take her soul and power for his own.

With every fibre of her being, she has to fight not only the Devil’s demons but also the demons inside her, to protect those she holds dearest in her life or give herself to the Devil.

This is the second book in the thrilling, evocative and spine-chilling Lotus series, set in IMG_2835Thailand and other planes of existence. It is a 99,000/380 page paranormal romance/fantasy adventure.

All photographs courtesy of and copyright Debjay

Off up the river
The river
And it rained!!
Skytrain in the rain
Lots of boats
Lots of boats
Local ferry
Local ferry

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